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An Evening Inn...
(Not) The Same Old Thing

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Piskies Revenge - An Evening Inn...

An Evening Inn...

Recorded By: The Difference Engine

The bootleg of the gig at the Kingsbridge Inn, 17th September 2004. Full of fun-packed gooey duo-delic moments! What timing are they in?! Are they all in the same timing?!? Are they making this up!?

These tracks are being made available as free downloads, or a minimal-price CD.

(This Track also now available on Totnesia Vol.1: The South Hams Boogie compilation album from Totnesia Shop Free! MP3-Hi (4.91MBs)
2.(Not) The Same Old Thing
Free! MP3-Hi (9.82MBs)
3.Take Seven Marbles
The 'straight' seven jam, which somehow mutates into another version of Marbles! Free! MP3-Hi (10.61MBs)
4.Guest Star
A brave member of the audience steps up. Free! MP3-Hi (17.34MBs)
5.Flakey Earlidaze
Free! MP3-Hi (9.56MBs)
6.Downbeat Dance
A jam, moving between 4, 5 and 6 time (or 8, 10 and 12, if you prefer!:-) Free! MP3-Hi (7.66MBs)
7.Punk Same Old Thing
Free! MP3-Hi (4.62MBs)
8.Punk Earlidaze
Free! MP3-Hi (6.75MBs)


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