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Newsy-type Things....
Re-release of Earlydaze EP [2004-09-30]
The Earlydaze E.P. is currently being re-mastered, for re-release on CD and on-line download. Also, tentative foundations are being laid for the next album piece.
Kingsbridge Inn Evening [2004-09-18]
Well, none of us sustained major injuries, so that must have gone reasonably well....! :-)
Thanks to The Beast and the Difference-Engine for not only playing, but providing the P.A., *and* recording the event! Official bootlegs of some of it should soon appear in the Free Stuff section...
Also, thanks to Terence(?) for stepping up and playing some nice guitar. Hope you can make it again....
Live Stuff [2004-08-07]
Okay, an initial evening has been organised...
When: Wednesday, September 15th (2004)
Where: The Kingsbridge Inn, Totnes, Devon.
Admission is free, but we do have to pay for the venue, so donations will be welcome at the end of the night! :-)
Live Stuff [2004-07-24]
There is talk of finding a semi-regular venue, as a platform for some live work (improvisation on some loose structures plus some 'pure' jams) Very much a 'live in your living room' sort of thing :-) . This will probably be in the Totnes (Devon) area, and some stuff should make it's way into the Free Stuff area for download...
pisky invasion... [2004-07-01]
Helen Sheppard has a new album being released, and rumour has it that the video shoot was infiltrated by a rogue pisky...this could well hit main-stream media, so keep an eye out!

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